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We are a local entertainment guide in Newcastle, Australia. We promote and advertise all things new and exciting that are happening in town. From the latest concert gigs to the newest local bar, you wouldn’t miss out on the fuss and buzz in the area.

We promote and advertise tips, events, and gatherings you might be interested in.

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From festivals and art fairs to movie listings and reviews, we are taking down notes on any information that can set your hype and satisfy your passion. If you want to know the best restaurant in town, we have you covered. If you want to check your favorite artist’s gig, Newcastle Entertainment makes sure you get to plot the schedule.

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals. Like you, we want to discover and enjoy the many adventures of the city. That’s why we make it our effort to get the freshest scoops and tell them to you right away.

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The Best of Newcastle: Tours and Attractions

Newcastle is home to many breathtaking attractions and historic places. From its beautiful beaches to its viewpoint for spotting migrating whales, there are lots to see and sites to visit. We’ll walk you through every exciting adventure, things to do, and how-to tips as you go around town. Make the most of your Newcastle experience with our up-to-date and comprehensive tour guide.


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The Best of Newcastle: Dine and Drink Hot Spots

Whether you’re out for happy hours with friends or an intimate dinner with a beloved, we have a rundown on all trendy locations to dine, chill and unwind.

From the all-time favorite local bistro to the newest food parlor in town, we make sure you have a plethora of options to satisfy your hunger. You can binge on Australian cuisine or enjoy a mix of international flavors on your plate.

Cap the night with a glass of champagne on some of the best nighttime venues of Newcastle.


The Best of Newcastle: Movies and Theaters

A theater/movie night with your family and friends is always a good idea.

Get to know the latest movie screenings, concerts, and theater plays in Newcastle. Jot them down on your calendar and take your loved ones to a fun-filled night.

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The Best of Newcastle: Hotels and Stay-in Locations

Newcastle Entertainment wishes to keep your stay in the city safe, comfortable, and memorable. After a day of walking and touring, you need the perfect place to get a good night sleep – or maybe get a relaxing massage.

We have a list of places you can stay and relax in Newcastle. From five-star hotels to cozy inns, you can choose from a wide variety that fits your budget.

So, what activities are you interested in? Browse through our website and get tips on the hottest entertainment in town.