5 Awesome Things to Do in Newcastle

Newcastle offers plenty of opportunities to engage with your audience through quality snaps and posts. From taking pictures on the city’s beautiful landscapes to writing about your awesome experience, your blog readers from all over the world will enjoy your context. This can also attract new visitors to your tech blog.

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So take in the wonderful experiences that await you in Newcastle. Visit lots of places, join in the community, socialize with locals, and take lots of snaps.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, take a peek at this exciting to-dos. These will make you get up on your couch and try any of these activities. Here are some pieces of advice to make your experience in Newcastle more fun and memorable:


1. Visit the Newcastle Memorial Walk.

It’s a place of tribute for ANZAC heroes. Taking a visit would take you to its rich history and commemorate on the brave individuals who dedicated their lives for Newcastle and the whole of Australia.

This public attraction is free and is open for 24 hours. You have no excuse to miss out on one of the city’s highlight.

2. Get close to the animal life at Blackbutt Reserve.

It is a popular destination for family picnics and wildlife appreciation.

Here you can visit the kangaroos, koalas, and other fascinating animals. There are lots of wildlife exhibits to join and places for al fresco with your beloved.


3. Skydive at Newcastle’s skyline.

Make your greatest adventure story in Newcastle. Take the leap and free-fall at about 200km/hr from a height of 14,000 feet.

Skydiving is one of the most exciting and memorable activities you can do. Feel the adrenaline rush shooting up your entire body on a 60-second sky drop. The tour package comes with photo and video recording of your life’s greatest adventure so you can relive the moment and share it with your friends.

4. Drop by the Christ Church Cathedral.

churchWhen one thinks of Newcastle, one often remembers the Christ Church Cathedral. It is one of the top tourist locations in the area. It is simply unmissable.

This place of worship withstood time and tribulations for many centuries. It survived the Japanese attack in 1942 and a devastating earthquake in Newcastle in 1989.

Aside from being an unshakable holy place, you can also bask in its jaw-dropping overlooking view of Newcastle.

5. Ride a ferry boat.

Your experience in Newcastle wouldn’t be complete without a ferry boat ride. It is a great activity that would remind you of the city’s main economic resource: Coal transport.

Newcastle has the largest coal export port in the world. A ferry ride can show you the trade’s hustle and bustle on the busiest seaport.

Now is your turn. Tell us other exciting things you love about Newcastle in the comments.